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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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angelina jolie is admitting she had a double mass mastectomy. >> she said it was a preventive measure, because she had a high risk. at the end of february she had already started the treatments a few weeks earlier on february 2. in the op-ed in the "new york times" she says jolie said because her mother battled cancer for 10 years she was tested and found out she carries gene. doctors said she had an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of getting ovarian cancer. after the procedure, her chance of developing best cancer has dropped to 5 percent. she feels empowered no less fell minute and her partner was by her side every step of the way.
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she writes "we now this was the right thing to do for our family and it would bring us closer. and it has." she said she finished her treatments including reconstructive surgery april 27 and hopes by share her story that it will help encourage other women to get tested for the gene but she admitted the test is expensive $3,000 and not always covered by insurance. >> thank you. developing news this morning a new expanding effort is launched to find an austistic girl from senate who went missing from her lake county home. we go to her school. amy hollyfield? >> kristen, some of the teachers at sunset elementary went up to lake county to help find her so they are volunteering their time right now. the girl disappeared sunday
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afternoon. she is nine. she is severely austistic and accident speak. officers say it is hike trying to find a one-year-old. she will not spend to their calls. she will not be able to respond. she and her family have a vacation home in clear lake and that is where they were when she disappeared. her parents say she of althoughs waters and is very interested in it but she doesn't know how to swim. they have an intense search going on right now and they put out a national plea for her and they have hundreds of officers sending the water, the ground, and knocked on doors and they are doing all they can to find her. they did find her clothes in the yard and they have in reason to believe she would go far say she doesn't know the area outside of her home. the only reason they look outside the home is because the gate was open and her little brother was running away from a
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bee and forgot to close the gate so she may have run that way out of the game away if the him. the search is spanning throughout the area and they have put out a national plea but so far, no sign of the girl. >> amy hollyfield, thank you. >> an 88-year-old woman is in the hospital after being trapped in her overturned car for 2 1/2 days. the woman was driving home from petaluma on friday night and she pit a power pole and went off the road west of calistoga and was stuck in the overturned car until yesterday morning when a trucker noticed her and flagged down a passing sheriff deputy who called for regulation cue. she is being treated for dehydration and broken bones. >> police are looking if new information after a 23-year-old man was shot sitting if his car in the neck while at an
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intersection in vallejo at 7:30 last night. police say he was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the shots came from another car but they have not released a description of the car or information of a possible motive. >> the parents of murdered eight-year-old leila fowler have canceled plans to make a statement this afternoon after their 12-year-old son was arrested. her father told the associated press his son is innocent "until they have the proper evidence to show it is my son." the boy was arrested on saturday telling police 2 1/2 weeks ago an intruder stabbed leila fowler in their home in calaveras county. classmates at the middle school yesterday describe the boy as always in trouble but never violent. >> we thought he would never do that to his sister. it is scary. >> her where is being held in
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juvenile facility. the court appearance will not be open to the public because of his aim. >> officials of the america's cup race organization will discuss their investigation into the death of a british sailor on the bay last week. race organizers plan to update the investigation and discuss what changes will be made for the race in san francisco. the racing yacht capsized near treasure island on tuesday killing two-time british olympian andrew simpson. it could hurt fundraising efforts but analysts say it is not likely to be canceled. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more in 30 minutes. >> u.k. berkeley police are watching ament land demonstrators are trying on turn into a farm. >> you are ordered to leave the property immediately. failure to do so could result in fines, arrests, and prosecution.
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>> protesters turned to the -- returned to the area to plant crops. four were arrested yesterday. the protesters are fighting a land to develop the land. people in favor of the development showed up last night to protest the protest. they say they are tired of the group occupying the tract of land. >> governor brown is expected to release the revised state budget plan. while california has collected $4.8 billion more than expected from personal income taxes lawmakers are urging governor brown to use restraint deciding what to do with the extra money the democrats want to restore health program that took cuts recently but the brown administration says education will get the largest chunk of funding. >> yesterday, driving in i saw drizzle. did you see anything like that this morning? >> nothing like that this morning. mike, what is going on out
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there? >> a few clouds along the coast otherwise it is clear. we will look at the temperatures before you head out the door, at 65 degrees, coolest in novato at 48, and in san francisco, it is 52, and oakland is at vacation along with mountain view and san carlos and livermore at 56, and 55 in fremont and 57 in san jose and napa. today, the temperatures are a lot like yesterday and maybe a degree or two cooler in the east bay valley. maybe one or two degrees warmer in san francisco because we have more sunshine this morning. half moon bay is 61 and san francisco is 66 and let to mid-70's for the bayshore until you get to the south bay where 78 in san jose to 85 in morgan hill and 83 in santa rosa and mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. moving forward county this is the last warm day in the forecast, we will see temperatures drop dramatically tomorrow and especially thursday. remember the cold front from yesterday? new there is a possible of a stray shower in the north bay
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while the rest of us see temperatures below am at 70 inland and 66 if the bay and 64 at the coast is the warm spot. now another look at the shower for thursday, too. >> speaking of showers after a dry spell you want to slow down the speed because we do run the risk of spin intermediates. be careful. now as we look outside, san jose picture coming away from 17 to 80 northbound, a few head lits making their way in the northbound direction and no construction in that area and we have construction is through the tunnel so if you head in either direction there is only one area open causing a bit of slowing. one way traffic control if affect between gray whale cove until 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> the scandal involving the i.r.s. hits home. the conservative california
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group that agents targeted. >> the castro district is getting a makeover. here is the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, a multimedical settlement, sketchers will pay $40 million to settle a class action lawsuit of manage -- misleading ads. jc penney has a new ad thanking customers for running and another strong sign that the stock price is up. wendy's will drop break post at most restaurants finding competition from mcdonald's too much. experts say breakfast eaters are creatures of habit and
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>> covering san rafael, south
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bay, pleasand all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> just about 4:42. politician records reveal more of the cleveland man charged withholding three women captive in his home. the records indicate ariel castro has complains of assault and threats and the former school bus driver was charged with abduction and child endangerment when he drove around town with a child on his bus and told the boy to lie down and ate lunch at a fast food restaurant while the child was left alone. the records do not indicate what became of the charges. >> new photographs are giving us a look into live at the cleveland home where police say he held the three women he is accused of abducting with large piles of debris, and rusted chains in the house backyard. the ohio attorney general said castro's d.n.a. was checked against the national database but did not match any other open cases. >> new information in the information surrounding claims the i.r.s. targeted certain conservative groups.
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this morning, reports that i.r.s. offices in california were also involved. we have reaction from the tea party members in san francisco. >> president obama promised to get to the bottom of a scandal which the i.r.s. add minoritied to singling out conservative groups seeking tax exemption status with the name of tea party or patriots have their applications delayed through questionnaires the thank you is outrageous. it is contrary to our tradition. people have to be held accountable. it has to be fixed. >> the i.r.s. says the targeting was limited to the cincinnati branch but the "washington post" is reporting i.r.s. offices in california, as well, singled out conservative groups. the san francisco tea party with 1,hull members across the bay area says it does not necessity of any conservative groups that are being scrutinized but they say this behavior is reminiscent of mccarthy administration. >> i don't know what the
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administration is about. they are not transparent. >> steve camp of the san francisco family says it is worrisome the government is targeting people based on their political viewpoint. >> today obama says well, if this is happening, well it did happen and it is being admitted. cservative groups have been suspicious of government motives. now they say they have good reason. in the east bay, for abc7 news. >> governor brown is asking the united states supreme court to reject a lower court order requiring the state to reduce the prison population by 9,000 inmates by the year end. this is a month after the federal judges threatened to cite brown with contempt if he does not comply with a previous order. the state is required to reduce the prison population as the best way to improve inmate care. governor brown says further inmate reductions are expensive, eic.cessary, and dangerous to
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redesign castro street with an open house at the market center. people can see plans for the extra blocks of castro between market and 19th street. the idea to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety with wider sidewalks, better lighting and landscaping, which is the result of many community meetings. work will begin next john. >> the warriors are in texas this morning preparing for game five of the playoff series with san antonio. the best of seven is tide up at two each. before leaving they held a light work out in downtown oakland. absent from the group was steph curry getting injections to treat the injured ankle. he is still expected to play. the series runs to oakland on thursday. >> the sharks face the los angeles kings in the semis after splitting the regular season series with two wins each.
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in each matchup the home team won. tonight the kings have home ice advantage but the sharks have been resting since last tuesday. we want to see your pride in both bay area teams in the playoffs. e-mail your warriors and shark fan photos to us. we will share them on the air and online at >> great time to be a bay area sports fan. great time to check with mike nicco. i hate to use the word "perfection" but year was pretty perfect the. >> not too hot, not too breezy and today is the same but we have the breezes to go with it. it could be a little bit of white knuckler with the winds coming from the northwest and over the bay that is where we will fine the fattest win. we have radar and satellite with a few clouds from half moon bay south and around simpson beach
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but that is it. small craft advisory at the bay, northwest wind at 15- to 25-knots from 1:00 o'clock this afternoon until 9:00 this evening. over the ocean, we have small craft advisory continuing until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow for northwest winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour and faster there. here is a look from sutro tower with cloud cover and an idea of how clear it is. sunny and breezy afternoon and even at the coast. cooling trend started foam and deepens considerably thursday into friday because of a cold front that will pass through and bring us a shower possible on thursday. we talked about yesterday sprinkles moving to the north and now they are shifting to the south. the temperatures in the south bay from 75 in milpitas to 84 in los gatos and san jose and cupertino in the middle at 78 degrees. low-to-mid 70's for most of the peninsula and in the south bay, up toward millbrae, 68 degrees.
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61 at half moon bay and more sunshine there and same in the sunset at 60 and mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco, and 68 in sausalito, and upper 70's to mid-80's through the north bay valley with near 60 degrees at your beach and everyone in the throw mid-70's across the east bay shore with oakland at 74 and fremont at 75 and as you head inland we have low-to-mid 80's and a few upper 80's at antioch. rangers and a's tonight, 64 at 7:05 and dropping to 55 at 10:00. in the 40's at the in the bay and low to mid 50's for everyone else. now, at look at the seven-day forecast, what you will see are temperatures nearly 20 degrees cooler in some spots by thursday, and we warm right back up through the weekend. have a great day. we will find out if there are any hotspots. >> at least the weekend will be a hotspot. at 4:48 we have a look at walnut
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creek southbound 680 the taillight is making it down to 24 and i can tell you it is a 10-minute drive from concord with no construction project to get in the way nearby traffic is looking clear. in san jose we have a construction project that will last until 6:00 a.m., northbound 880 between 101 and 237, we have one lane blocked. the rest of the drive in the peninsula south bay region on 101 at top speed and 65 miles per hour on 280. 4, 580, everything running at top speeds. >> new this morning, family and friends of quinn boyer, the paramedic killed in oakland will hold a fundraiser at the a's game at 5:00 p.m. in parking lot section k. a paramedic bought discounted tickets with his own money and
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hopes to raise $9,000. the 34 was off duty when shot pointblank in the head from a car on april 2. police arrested 16s in -- six different teens in connection with the murder. >> in bangladesh more than 1,100 were killed in the collapse of a balding. retailers behind brands like calvin clean have a land to make conditions safer by helping to pay for factory improvements. >> minnesota governor is going to sign a bill making same-sex marriage legal with loud cheers of supporters. minnesota joins delaware and rhode island legalizing same-sex marriage just if the last ten days. minnesota will be the 12th state to allow gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot. wedding start august 1.
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>> at look at the new tiger cub or any of the other animals at the san francisco zoo can be more expensive. why zoo leaders say they need to raise the fees. >> san jose tackles graffiti that has been a blight for the city for years. this is the before. we w
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>> good morning, on this tuesday. a look from sutro camera to san francisco, if you like the weather yesterday, mike says you will like it again today. we will have more on the forecast with league -- leyla gulen checking traffic. >> trips to the san francisco zoo could be more expensive with a vote on the first admission hike since 2008. it goes up by $2 for everyone. for adults, the fee increases from $12 to $14. for nonresidents it goes from $15 to $17.
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seniors pay $9.50 and children will pay $7.50. the extra revenue goes to animal wellness and exhibits and maintenance. >> will the weather make this a good day to hit the zoo? >> you know the zoo area is cloudy and cold. mike nicco? is today one of the days? >> today is a day full of sunshine. it will be breezy but the clouds and drizzle will not be there. the ferry building shows to the bay bridge this morning, tree pollen will be high and low ragweed and moderate grass but nothing has changed. you dealt with it yesterday you will be able to deal with it today. a front brought us a cooling trend with a little bit of moisture. the marine layer is there but it dissipates in the afternoon and slides to santa barbara.
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record highs stay away from los angeles, hopefully, today at 79 in los angeles. but, still, 105 in palm springs. >> good morning, everyone, in san jose, we have a report of a possible hit-and-run injury crash along northbound 101 with c.h.p. trying to locate it but there are reports that something happened in this area and it could possibly build on southbound 101 but we will keep our eye on it as details become visible. as we check the drive nobody 880/101 to 237 we have construction until 6:00 a.m. with one lane blocked. this is san mateo bridge is clear from hayward to foster city. >> america's four biggest cell phone companies are teaming up to combat texting while driving for "it can wait" campaign, the
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companies and 200 other organizations will spend millions on tv and radio ads to remind drives that texting behind the wheel is deadly and even appear on the blimp. at&t says that texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to have an accident. >> a major set back for facebook. last month, they launched a new phone that came preloaded with a series of mobile facebook apps.a million people is downlod the apps but only 15,000 have but the the phone. poor sales are forcing at&t to mark the phone down to 99 cents from the original $99. at&t says the plan is to discontinue the phone. >> an american airlines flight was diverted halfway through because of an unruly passenger, another passenger caught her disruptive behavior on video.
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♪ love you >> that is our offender, belting out a hit song "i will always love you." the flight was from los angeles to new york and an air marshal had the pilot land in kansas city, she blamed the outburst on her diabetes. >> i think the problem was poor song choice. >> and execution. >> the surprising respond to the deadly capsizing of an america's cup catamaran on the bay and why the race now is attracting positive attention. >> the answers lawmakers will demand from caltran over the bad bolts on the new bay
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 on tuesday morning. thats for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist, how is it looking? >> a lot more sunshine than yesterday. hardly any clouds when you get away from the coast. no wet weather to speak of even at the coast. we will talk about what will happen this afternoon to downtown san jose. that is where we will get to 78 degrees a warm spot. the cool spot is 65 in san francisco. it will be breezy again like it was yesterday. we will see more sunshine at the coast with temperatures leveling off at 61 degrees and the dry air inland neighborhoods will hit the mid-to-upper 80's


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